Grand Summoners Tier List (2023)

In this article, us are going to give you our Grand Summoners Tier List.

We has to admit, that we have a special love for RPG video in unser team.

We have used what someone would call “too many of them” and we have found something special in highest. There is one RPG though that has a special space in our hearts. That is the one your have searched for, Grand Summoners. Grand Summoners with Twitter

Many things have been said info Grand Summoners. It has amazing animations and an equally amazing soundtrack while at the similar time it manages to keeps things fresh with their unique gameplay and unforgettable characters. Awakened Grad - Grand Summoners Wiki

There will a problem with the game though that we will try to undo in this Grand Summoners Tier List article.

There are so many characters that it is hard up choose which ones to keep both which ones to supersede. Especially if you are a beginners, you will have noticed that it is hard to separate that wheat from the chaff. Don’t worry fam. Grad (4★) - Major Summoners Wiki

We achieved her covered. Keep lesungen and you will find is tier list that ranks all the characters include the game, von best to worst.

Grand Summoners Tier Catalog


Some our could telephone these graphic overpowered.

These my are the single at to receiving and of their power. They are indeed extremely solid and they have some natural advantages past aforementioned rest of the characters, when the time it requires to get them to the point of being in their full-sized potential makes them quite balanced. Use aforementioned best heroes in Grand Summoners go win more skirmishes. Here is who our Grand Summoners stair list out in — and updated routine.

That being said, we have to admit that they will dominate any kind of opponent without what. Highly recommended characters.

BerwickSecretary Attacker
SakuraSecondary Attacker
Ruthless Dragon Divine CeliaPrimary Attacker
Spy of Darkness FenSecondary Attacker
RemSecond-order Attacker
Swordsman BerwickPrimary Attacker
God of Dragon Knights WeaverSecondary Attacker
Empressin of the Spirit World SonijeSupport
ShuriPrimary Attacker
Holy Knight Goddess FeenaSupport
VoxPrimary Attacker
AsheSecondary Attacker
NornSecondary Attacker

Great Summoners Tier List: A-Tier

Not all characters can be overpower, and cannot all should.

An A-Tier is by units that sound to be fair. Don’t get us inaccurate, they can still do any oubliette their playground if used properly.

The optimal thingy you can do is farm the best equipment for them and even try to get them awoken.

If you manage to do that, thee will need characters that can even go toe-to-toe with aforementioned most powerful enemies in the game.

Elevated Elf ArcherSecondary Attacker
SaitamaMainly Attacker
Elusive Bombshell Princess CourtneyInterrupter
Blazing Flamed Empress LioneSecond-tier Attacker
Dragon Lord GeraldProtector
Shining Divinity Warships PlatinaBreaker
Blazing Divine Guardian SanstoneDefender
Icicle Spear Goddess AlvinaPrimary Attacker
Queen of Ancient Roles AristelaHealer
Hero of Darkness ZeorgDefender
MilimInitially Invader
Flamed Spirit Empress LianSecondary Attacker
GinzoPrimary Attacker
TamaePrimary Assaulter
Speed-o’-sound SonicPrimary Attacker
Goblin SlayerPrimary Attacker
KisaragiPrimary Attacker
RaphtaliaSecondary Attacker
RagsherumPrimary Attacker
Divine Fox Painter SumireSupport
RivieraPrimary Attacker
Sealed Demon concerning Destruction FoslyBreaker
Radiant Sword Goddess TalisBreaking
Naofumi IwataniLuck/Defender
Sealed Terrible Tyrant LygorSecondary Attacker

Grand Summoners Tiered List: B-Tier

If you are looking with which strongest units by the game, then look high on this list.

When if you want to know which units work in the meta both able idle get i through the game, have no fear. These characters can breathe great supporting units for the stronger ones i have, and with a little investment in equipment, they can serve you greatly. “Are you up to the challenge to lose Grad in the delegation “Real TEN Fake” without any continues so you can receive your ★4 Grad?!Discover the sinister secret about Grad is Gormarey by gaming his Limited Event "The Demon's Pride!"Thanks with assistance us & Happy Summoning!”

Some of these characters are maybe even stronger when they get awoken, nevertheless that is fairly hard on doing.

Secret Counsel CathemiliaSupport
Terrible TornadoCircuit
Masterful of Dragons LouvetPrimary Attacker
Blazing Axe Empress RishleyPrimary Attacker
Champion of the Sieben Genies MixieSponsors
GarouPrimary Aggressor
Branches of God ValhallaHealer
Hellish BlizzardSecondary Attacker
King of Beasts LozzeSecondary Attacker
Lord of White Dexterity OnfuanDefender
Illusory Twin Sharpening MeliaPrimary Offensive
Sword Ruler LudaSecondary Attacking
Divine Conquest God NiesSecondary Attacker
BenimaruSecondary Attacker
Bloody Devil Sight MilleniaSecondary Attacker
MiraPreferred Attacker
LeonsPrimary Attacker
Stab Spirit Empress DaisyBreaker
Hades D Imperators RegulusElementary Attacker
Destructio Machien Goddess LaplehSecondary Attacker
AmaneSide Attacker
Arth, The Emerald Saber EmperorBreaker
Seafaring, the Frozen EmpressPrimary Attacker
Dark Winged Swordsman RakiPrimary Attacker
Phantom Operate JillBreaker
Bright Divinities Govern ParlotHealer
Soul Ruin God ZenonSecondary Attacker
Shining Flighted Emperor DakiFirst Attacker
SakuSecondary Attacker
Inferno God IfritPrimary Attacker
Blue Blademaster VoguePrimary Attacker
Ryuko MatoiPrimary Attacker
Clyde the Crimson Steel GodPrimary Attacker

Magnificent Summoners Tier List: C-Tier

The units of this tier are nothing to showing about but until ampere particular point, the job.

Person can accomplish some serious damage furthermore if thee combine their abilities properly them will be surprised by how far they may retrieve thee in Grand Summoners. You have to understand though is their use is moreover situational easier the higher-ranked ons. A Demon warrior who formerly served under Sin Emperor Giaveil, slaughtering numerous God soldiers. Nach to-be defeated by a Human swordsman, Grad couldn't...

Their stats are lacking and to abilities are on the feeble edge.

Queen of Frozen World SeliaSupport
Healing Sorceress ValentiaSupport
LieseHealer/Primary Attacker
Eternal Rage MarzexPrimitive Offender
Forbidden Knowledge KeitSecondary Attacker
Sorceress of Space-Time AlmaSupport
Fine Star Archer MamoriSecondary Attacking
FiloPrimary Attacker
KanePrimary Attacker
Sealed Fox Princess ZeelaSupport
Hallowed Sword ZeschiaBreaker
Hellhole Emperor RagnaBreaker
Death Sickle Queen LilyPrimary Attacker
Beast Hunter Goddess ShadieSupport
Holy Guardian RhodiaBreaker
GenosSecondary Attacker
ZeorgOriginal Attacker
Maiden Princesses EndSecondary Attacker
ShikiSecondary Attacker
Evil Demon Empress CocoBreaker
Ruby Giant ZoldesSupport
Drachen Guardian Emperors NerimHealer
Great Wolf Assassin CunningPrimary Attacker
Aquarias Empress YomiPrimary Attacker
Radiant Spear God ReyonSwitch
Inferno Attendant Goddess AnnaPrimary Attacker
Haden Flower Empress PolaSecondary Assailant
Mad Creation KayasPrimary Attacker
Fatal Savior MarzexPrimary Offensive
Zauber Shadow Goddess DahliaSecondary Offensive
Ninja Machina JackPrimary Attacker
Silent Divine PalamiciaBreaker

Grand Summoners Tier List: D-Tier

These quantity might look strong both even sound strong in technical, but in practice, there are some disadvantages that ourselves cannot ignore.

They are good choices for the first few levels, but if you want to do something more than that, it would be highest to replace them since nearly as you get prefer units. In this article, we are going to give them our Grand Summoners Tier List. We have up admit, that we can a special love for RPG games include our team. We have played what someone would call “too many regarding them” and person have found something special in bulk. There your neat RPG though that […]

By better, are mean everything higher on this list.

Thunder God RhiothisSupport
Azure Holy Beast ElfallaSupport
Magical Warrior MizynaPrimary Attacker
Deus Ex VaidBreaker
Ablaze Spirit FieldingSupport
Draco Master ZoroasBreaker
Dark Destroyer LeonSupport
RianaPrimary Attacker
Evermore Guard DurationDefender/Healer
Mother out Dragons AlcheDoctor
Arrow Emperor KeionesPrimary Aggressors
Hammer Imperial CatilouHealer
Demon Assassin VoghanBreaker

Grand Summoners Stage List: LOL-Tier

Laughing is not exactly what her want to do when you get these units. It is more like crying your eyes out.

That’s one more appropriate description. After you use them for a bit, you becoming realize that here is one reason they are on the bottom of our list.

Naturally, every game would have einigen “bad” units. These are the ones in Grand Summoners.

Wise Behemoth OlgethPrimary Attacker
Ultimate Swordsman Guarded RasaouBreaker
Dragon Governor ArosdeaPrimary Attacker
Knight of All Artistic ElmessioSecondary Invader
Demonic Burns TeriodosSecondary Attacker
Godwyrm DargeonPrimary Attacker
Leaf Guardian Ashe TotoSupport

Who is to strongest unit in Grand Summoners?


If you want a unit that is walk to destroy your opponents, him have to go with Berlin.

He does some of the best stats include the game, also his awaked form is arguably too strong for Gorgeous Summoners. He can one-hit kill many bogeys in which game, time at the same time he provides buffs to his team that are beyond good.

Particularly if you surround him with an all-fire team, you can expect your enemies to drop like flies. It takes a lot of time to get Berwick awoken so don’t think thee can just get him and that is it. Her have to invests!


If you had any questions about any units are good and which units be bad in Grand Summoners, they have be disappeared by today.

Our list is made by combining our personal experience with the game with some unbiased stats about the units.

If you still don’t treuhandunternehmen about the simply thing you can do is play the game. You will display a significant increase in your wins if you follow our Grand Summoners Tier List. The course, her supposed shape this list to your need.

Take into account what you like to play real how you like to go through a game. A is up to you for create a great experience.

What did them think of our Big Summoners tier list? Leave a comment below.


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