Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (2023)

DivinityArrival Beginner’s Guide

This is the mostcomprehensiveDivinityArrival Beginner’s guidethat covers the most importantand basic informationyou ever need to know for getting started!

I am trying to cover them using the most basic words so that youcan easily understand the game and enjoy playing it right from the beginning.

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How Should I Play Divinity Arrival?

This is anAFK-Idle game, the way to play and enjoy Divinity Arrival is very simple. Youjust need to AFK (away from keyboard), turn off the app itself, and come backlater to get the rewards, build your dream teams, get into the new campaignmaps and keep going AFK.


Before going further,here are some basic slang words you could see everywhere in the DivinityArrival world. I think it’s best to understand some of them first beforereading the rest of this article. It helps you understand the guides easier!

·Buff= The effects that increase the propertiesof your Divinities such as damage, attack speed, health, etc.

·Debuff: Effects that make Divinities weaker.

·CC(Crowd Control)– Effects likestun, tie, sleeps etc… which disable the enemies.

·ATK= Attack

·HP= Health Points

·DEF= Defense

·ACC= Accuracy

·EVA= Dodge

·MP= Energy Points

·FOR= Reduce Enemy’s CRIT Rate

·CRIT= Crit Rate

·DD= Damge Dealer

DivinityArrival – Divinities

There aresome factions in the game.



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This is the all-roundfaction as it has plenty of Divinities with different skill properties.Together, they can strengthen the other Divinities effectively.



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The Archers are really dominating right now in DivinityArrival as most of their core Divinities could do a significant amount ofdamage as well as have great support skills. Thus, you can find so manysuper-carry Heroes here such as:

Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (4)

Chang’e (Early game)

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People love Mages becausethey have a lot of notable Supports for so many,in the game.

They can bring a perfect balance for almost all lineups, helping Divinitiesfrom other Factions making the best of their owns.

Whatis the Lineup? Best Divinities to use?

The lineup isthe team of 6 Divinities you use to participate in battles while playing DivinityArrival.

·Mostearly-game lineups have 1 carry, 1-2 tanker, and 3-4 support Divinities

·Thecarry Divinity should be 30-40 level higher than the other Divinities.

·Thebest carry Divinities you can start with right from the beginning:Himiko(R), Jeanne D’arc(SR), Pandora(SR), Themis(SSR), Chang’e(SSR)…

·TankDivinities you can use in the early game are: Geb(SSR)…

·Someuseful supports you can use right form the beginning are: Main Character,Lilith(SR), Kaguya(SR), Gabriel(SR), Belldandy(SSR)…

Having a great team composition is the mostcrucial thing you want to achieve so that your team will have great synergy aswell as the aura buff following these rules:

2 alive Divinities


3 alive Divinities


DMG Reduction+5%

4 alive Divinities


DMG Reduction+10%

5 alive Divinities

DMG UP+12%

DMG Reduction+15%

6 alive Divinities

DMG UP+15%

DMG Reduction+20%


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This is your mainprogression in Divinity Arrival. This is where you gain Coins, Divine, items,and almost all stuff in the game.

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·The higher campaign youcan get into, the more rewards you will get.

·Collect the Campaignrewards at least once every 12hr because it doesn’t accumulate after 12hr ofidling.


· Always enhance max for your DD

· Only equip Orange/Red Tier

If If you don’t have enough resource, focus onWeapon and Shoes first, then you can enhance Helmet+Armor later


· You get 1 free Fast Reward every day.

· The Fast Reward gives 2 hours worth of campaignidling rewards. The next Fast Rewards cost 50 Diamonds (not worth spendingduring the early game).

Fast Reward –Worth It?

Aside from getting the Free Fast Reward every day, I wouldrecommend you to spend 50 Diamonds for the extra Fast Reward every day,starting from Chapter 13-15.

This is because using Fast Reward gives you chances to get HolyObjects. It also gives you more resources to level up your Divinities faster,helps you complete with Pay-to-win Players in the Arena easier. Higher-level Divinitiesalso give you a better progression for Campaign/Chapter/Babel/Abyss etc.

It’s totally worth it to spend 50 Diamonds forFast Reward everyday.


You will get one free rewards every weekand every month.

If you want to spend some dollars in the game,your best picks are:

·1st Top-up

·Monthly Card

·VIP Privileges


·And don’t forget Valkyrie’sPack (available in 1 week after you reach level 60)

Those are thebest bangs for your bucks.


There are 4 kinds ofMission: Daily mission, Weekly mission, Main Story mission, and Achievement mission.

·Daily mission & Weekly mission: Make sure you complete it to get the rewards before the timer reset.

·Main Story mission and Achievement mission: You will get the rewards eventually as there is no timer.


Daily Reset happens at00:00 UTC time.

All of the daily limited activities reset by this time. Forexample Inferno Crack, Fast Rewards, Adventure, Daily Quests etc.


The bag is the place where you store all of youritems.

· Save the Spatial Box and don’t use them untilthe game forces you to do so. The rewards you get from the Spatial Box arebased on your campaign progression so that you want to keep them as long aspossible. (Same with Divine, Coins and Oracle)


Message is where you get the messages from dev teams and GuildLeader. All of the rewards you receive will also be sent to your mail.

Check the Mail carefully and make sure you don’t miss anything


Friends are the great companions that will help you explore the DivinityArrival world a lot easier.


This is where all of the topplayer names are mentioned.

Whatto Buy in Shop?

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This is where you can purchase various kinds ofitems,

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Here are some of the items you would always wantto purchase from the Shop:

·Mystery Shop: Only buyRed gear when it discount 90%

·Diamond Shop: Lv3 gemPouch is the most recommend

·Essence Shop: EternalScroll, SSR shards ( if you need to star up your DD )

·Union Shop: Key+Wood,Tsukuyomi shards, Lv1 gem

·Medal Shop: Medusashards

·Glory Shop: Odin shards,random Exclusive Artifact

· Abyss Shop: Exclusive Artifact


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This is where you canspend Summon Scroll or Diamond to summon the Divinities

·PrimitivePray: Only buy the x10 Scrolls= 450 Diamonds.

·AncientPray: Only buy the x10 Scrolls= 2700 Diamonds.

· Eternal Pray: Consum 100 Eternal Scrolls for 1 random UR, if you lucky, youmay get a strong DD

· Artifact Pray: Only buy the x10 Scrolls = 2700 Diamonds.


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Whatis the Pantheon Alliance?

·In Divinity Arrival,Pantheon Alliance is an organized group of player.

·When you are in anAlliance, you are able to participate in the Boss Challenge and the Clash ofUnions.

·One interesting thing isthat all Alliances is cross-server. This does mean that players can join anyAlliance from your Zone.


·As soon as when youstart playing the game, join a Alliance.

·Try to join thestrongest Alliance, there is a Ranking Event at 1st week.

·It is totally okay Ifyou want to start your own Alliance.

·Ensure your Alliance isactive. Avoid joining inactive Alliance.

·Participate in the BossChallenge at the end of the day to make sure you attack with the strongestpossible team.

Whatis the Arena?

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PVP based place. Fight againstother players to get a position on the leaderboard & get the rewards everyday.

Wrathof Divinity

· Thisis where you get tons of Diamonds and Divine Crystals.

· Each season lasts 3 daysand 24 hours countdown until next season.

· Every day, you have 10 free attacks. Each winwill give you 15 Diamonds, if lose it will give you 10 Diamonds


this is the playground of Top Server, players from same Battle Zone willfight to find out the Strongest!


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· There are 8 difficulty levels, the higher level you reach,the more reward you got!

·Everyday, youhave 1 free Sweep ( +1 free if your VIP level is 6 or higher )


· ·Use AoE Divinity willmake it easier to passed.

· ·Participate in the GalaxyTrial at the end of the day to make sure you attack with the strongest possibleteam.


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Complete thehighest possible level as you can. When you hit lv80, the Faction Tower getsunlocked.


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (15)

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This is the newest Function was added at Patch 1.14

Read the requirements of each floor carefully andset your lineups. Try your best to get the tons of reward.


·Use AoE Divinity willmake it easier to passed.


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (16)

There are 300 Floors atmaximum, the higher floor-the harder challenge-the more reward( ArtifactScroll, Abyss Shop points,…)


·Wait until Sunday, makesure you attack with the strongest possible team.


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (17)

This is where you can getfree Orange/Red gear

The higher Campaign youpassed-the higher boss unlocked.


·Use DPS as you main DD.

·Individual Trial Boss isavailable to receive CC but deal a huge DMG, so you can use CC to immute bossskill.

·World Battlefield Bosshave the very high Debuff Res but doesn't deal much DMG, so you don’t need toput CC on your team, just use much Buffer as you can.


·Send your Divinities to complete different tasksandcollect plenty of valuable rewards.

·Don’t worry, you can still use your Divinitieswhen they are doing Quests.


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (18)

· · Complete Adventure questand earn Gift Chest, open Gift Chest to get random Gift.

· · You can use Gift toimprove Affinity point of the Divinity.

· · There are 7 levels ofAffinity, the higher level-the more %HP+%ATK bonus.

· · When your Divinity’s Affinityreach 2000, you have to buy “Ring of Vow” and Vow her to unlock the next level.

· Your Main Char’sAffinity can not be up as normal, but she will get the bonus when you Vow another Divinity.


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· ·Every Divinity have adifferent Link with Different other Divinities.

· ·The more active Link youhave-the more power you are.

· · You can active the Linkby deploy the relevant Divinities on your team (Including Servant deities)

The Ruling and Servant

Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (20)

After Patch 1.13Divinity Arrival got a Biggest update ever.

· · The Ruling Deity andServant Deity had debut and available when your Deity Divinity reach lv60.

· ·Every Divinity got adefferent Servant Skill, that make the game more interesting and it change theMeta so much!

· ·This is an interestingFunction and need more time to learn, I recommend you read all Servant skillthen try it yourself!


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Keep all ofthe resources you have in the bad until the last moment. Use them one by oneuntil the chapter 22+. This is because the rewards you could get from those arebased on your current highest stage. The higher stage you are at, the morerewards you get when opening Spatial Box, Divine, Coins, Oracle,…


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (21)

·It give you tons of attributes buff, HolyObjects will dropped after you passed 13-15.

·Try to Tier up Ring first then you can upnecklace.

·Irecommend you try to Tier up: Orange Ring 1* + Orange Necklace 1* => OrangeRing 5* + Orange Necklace 1* => Red Ring 1* + Red Necklace 1* => Red Ring6*


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (22)

· · Thereare two kind of Artifact : Normal and Exclusive.

· · Thehighest Tier of an Artifact is UR+5, and it will be upgrade by this way:

For example, I will use Ra’s artifactas a test subject:

SRRa+ SRRa = SR+Ra

SR+Ra+ SR+anyartifact = SSRRa


SSR+Ra+ SSR+anyartifact + SSR+anyartifact = URRa

URRa+ SR+Ra + SR+Ra = UR+Ra

UR+Ra+ SSR+anyartifact + SSR+anyartifact = UR+1Ra

UR+1Ra+ SR+Ra = UR+2Ra

UR+2Ra+ SR+Ra = UR+3Ra

UR+3Ra+ SR+Ra = UR+4Ra

UR+4Ra+ SR+Ra = UR+5Ra

·Youcan check my Artifact’s Guide for more details


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (23)

· Star up your Divinities to claimpoints and ATK + HP bonus.

· When your points reach a limit, itwill add %ATK + %HP bonus.


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (24)

· This Function open when you hit lv80.

· Completethe Faction Tower to get Aether Rune and Faction Rune.

· Use those Rune to upgrade AllDivinities’ Attribute and Faction’ Attribute:

Ø Every 5 levels of All Divinities’Attribute will +1% HP

Ø Every 10 levels of Faction’ Attributewill + 1% ATK + 1% HP


Divinity Arrival Beginner’s Guide (25)

· This Funtion open when you hit lv100.

· Complete the Cloud Trophy to getCloud Keys and Starstones.

· Cloud Keys can be use to summonTreasure and Treasure Shard.

· Starstones and Treasure Shard can beuse to upgrade Treasure.

·EveryTreasure have a different Main Attributes/Growth Attribute/Exclusive Effect. SomeTreasures will be better than others, so I wish your luck to get the Treasureyou need!

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· · Be nice to otherplayers.

· · Do not follow links thatoffer free gems. They are all scams.


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